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About the ADBC

The Assistance Dog Blog Carnival (#TheADBC) is a quarterly event that is dedicated to assistance dogs. The ADBC was created by Sharon Wachsler at After Gadget and is currently co-organized by Brooke Sillaby and Cyndy Otty.

Each edition of the ADBC travels to a different assistance dog-related blog where a new theme is chosen by the host. The Past Editions section lists all previous Carnivals and future hosts. If you are interested in hosting the ADBC, please contact us.

Anyone who meets these criteria can submit a post:

  • You have a blog (or access to post on a blog);
  • Your post relates to the topic of guide, hearing, or service dogs (including psychiatric service dogs, autism service dogs, medical alert dogs, and any other task-trained assistance dog), even if your blog is not typically about assistance dogs;
  • Your submitted post relates to the theme for that particular issue.
  • Although it is not required, you are strongly encouraged, if you do submit a post, to make the post and your comments section as accessible as possible to people with diverse disabilities.[1. “Word Verification” (also known as “CAPTCHAs”) are difficult or impossible to use for many blind, low-vision, deaf-blind, cognitively impaired or neurologically affected people and other people with disabilities. Please get rid of this feature on your blog! Here is more info from a post on this topic. Additionally, there are other steps you can take to improve the accessibility of your blog. Here is one resource for learning about some basic things you can do to make your blog more accessible.]

In other words, posts can be about puppy raising, service-dogs-in-training, assistance dog programs/schools, retired service dogs, or anything else relating to the topic of assistance dogs. Posts from personal blogs as well as from assistance dog organization blogs are welcome. You do not need to be an assistance dog partner (or puppy raiser or trainer, etc.), to contribute. Any blogger, regardless of whether you are affiliated with the assistance dog community or not, is welcome to participate.