Assistance Dog Blog Carnival (#TheADBC) — Hosting

Assistance Dog Blog Carnival

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Hosting the ADBC

Hosting duties typically begin the previous month before the carnival edition goes up.

For example, a host for May would decide by the third or fourth week of April what the topic or theme will be. The Call for Entries post should be made then and include the following:

  • An announcement of the host for this edition of the ADBC
  • The theme
  • A deadline for submissions
  • Instructions on how participants should submit their posts
  • The date you anticipate to publish the Carnival post
  • Additionally, hosts are requested to:

Post submissions are generally done on the Call for Entries post via comments. Participants should supply their name (as they wish to be appear in the Carnival), the name of their blog, the title of their post, and a direct link to their submission post. The submission period should be at least three weeks to allow participants time to write a post. Hosts should also make note on their blog and let us know if the submission period is being extended.

Once the submission deadline has passed, the host will compile all the entries into a Carnival post. This should include a short description of each entry with a link to the original post.

If you are interested in hosting a future edition of the ADBC, please get in touch with Brooke and Cyndy via this contact form and one of us will email you back with all the necessary information.