Guide Dog Anecdotal

[Note: You’ll have to pardon the roughness here. Despite the fact that I have a literal mountain of content I want to post, I have not yet updated here. I wanted to finalize the design first, but I haven’t had the time to actually work on the design. So, how’s about we call that a bad job and try it the other way?]

Nahla (in harness) with Uschi at Washington Park

Ice cubes have always been a hit with my guide dogs. They’re cold. They’re wet. They’re crunchy. And since they’re zero calories and basically free, I see no reason not to indulge them especially when we’re having such a brutally hot summer here in the Capital District.

Having Nahla in the house these last two months has taught me a lot of interesting things about Uschi that I either did not know or never noticed before. They both love ice cubes and having their water bowl filled with them is definitely a treat. But Uschi doesn’t really like bobbing for them. She wants to either have a bowl of ice or water. Not a bowl of ice water. I have to plunk them out for her or she’ll just dip her tongue in for tiny sips of water.

Nahla, on the other hand, thinks the idea of bobbing for ice was a gift made especially for her. She delights in getting as many of the cubes out as quickly as possible. Thankfully she eats most of them. The ones she doesn’t immediately consume she strews about the house, trailing them from one end of the house to the other.

At least she’s considerate enough to leave them on the rugs so I don’t risk going ass over tea kettle!

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